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The annual YMCA Strong Kids campaign has shifted to a summer kick-off after last year's fundraiser was delayed due to the COVID pandemic.


Starting in August, donors to the campaign in the past will be approached about supporting the YMCA again this year through its biggest fundraiser, the Strong Kids Campaign. On the WHOW Morning Show Wednesday, Executive Director Rennie Cluver told Regional Radio News the Y does not receive taxpayer funds and only infinitesimal funding from the government.



According to Cluver, the YMCA sets out to raise $100,000 each year. He explains that dollar figure nearly supplements the entirety of the scholarships they award each year to kids and families. 



Cluver says the YMCA can secure grants in addition to its streams of revenue through other smaller fundraisers, membership fees, and other special programming.



Cluver indicates, if you have a program that is near to you and would like to financially support that program, he encourages when you donate to make sure and point that out and any donations will go to that program. 


To get more information about the YMCA or to contribute online, visit clintoncommymca.org. 

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