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Scams are not going away and continue to come at us in nearly every direction.


This September, Social Security is once again taking time to raise awareness about scams for not just the often most vulnerable in our communities' seniors, but younger populations. Jack Myers with Social Security says they have spent a lot of time talking about government imposter scams that come over the phone and e-mail, but that is not all you have to look out for. Be aware that scams can come from text messages, pop-up advertisements, or fake websites.



While a lot of focus in rural areas gets put on seniors and their vulnerability to scams because of their trusting nature, Myers says youth are also the targets of imposters because of their curiosity when online. 



Other tips from Myers include not carrying around your Social Security card unless you are headed somewhere you need it. You can also shred documents that contain personal information regularly check financial statements.



Myers says Social Security is trying to clamp down on imposters claiming to be representatives from Social Security. You can report any scam phone calls to the Office of the Inspector General. Visit oig.ssa.gov to report any calls or scam attempts you get. 

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