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The City of Monticello this week approved plans to improve Robert C. Burke Memorial Park.


The Park is in the area where the Monticello pool is but Callie McFarland, Director of Community Development for the City of Monticello told Regional Radio News on the WHOW Morning Show Tuesday, once the pool was completed, they did not move forward with improving the remainder of the park.



According to McFarland, the Council's plans will erect a statue with an education component to tell the story of Burke's bravery. She believes it will be a much-needed improvement to that portion of the community.



McFarland anticipates the City taking on as much of the work on the park as possible. She indicates the plan will put together a schedule of phases of work on the park.



Several significant military locations around the country are named after Burke because of courage. Burke Park is among a trio of recreation areas in Monticello the city is focused on at this time and McFarland believes it is important to always be evaluating recreation as it is an important component in a community's health. 

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