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Earlier this week, we heard from Alison Rumler-Gomez, the Executive Director of Community Action, on last week's vaccine mandates that she predicts will result in a worker shortage.


While it's only been a week, she is surprised there has not been an increased interest in people getting back to work, especially as it relates to job openings within her agency now that the COVID unemployment benefits have expired. She points to the challenges they are having with staffing ahead of the expiration of those COVID unemployment benefits.



According to Rumler-Gomez, they have many clients that are getting back to work that will be making less in the workforce than they were on unemployments. She says that is going to be quite the adjustment for some.



Rumler-Gomez does not anticipate a huge increase in the need for their services as people get back to work. She says employers are so desperate for workers and their clients understand that.



The time of the expiration of the COVID unemployment benefits and the vaccine mandate were also not coincidental for Rumler-Gomez. She called the time very interesting.



If you're an individual needing to get back into the workforce and could benefit from Community Action programming, you can visit capcil.info for information on all its programs. 

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