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Vendors for the 2021 Apple n' Pork Festival faced a few unique challenges as the annual festival returned after a very small-scale event in 2020. 


Among the challenges was how much food to plan to serve over the uncertainty of crowd sizes and then where to get that food. Terry Ferguson is a member of the CH Moore Homestead Board and organizes the brat barn every year. He indicates they were running short on product late Sunday afternoon.



According to Ferguson, they didn't make any adjustments to the amount of food they planned to prepare and serve. He says the brat barn can net anywhere from $5,000 to $6,000.



The brat barn wasn't the only stand run by the Homestead and Museum Board to run out of food. Apple cider was gone by the early afternoon Sunday and vendors across the CH Moore Homestead grounds were out of food well before the Festival's 5 pm conclusion. 

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