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A challenge to teens on the social media network TikTok prompted the Superintendent of Clinton Schools to ask parents to be aware of the things happening on social media that may impact the school day and the school buildings.


Curt Nettles informed parents in a letter penned last week of a challenge on TikTok that resulted in minor damage to part of a school building recently - he's calling on parents to sit down with students to implore them not to participate in these things.



Nettles felt it would be best to get out in front of this before it becomes a recurring and chronic issue. He says the things being encouraged are egregiously disrespectful.



This TikTok challenge is the latest example of why parents should be involved in what their students are doing on social media. Nettles says social media moves so fast, keeping up can be challenging but he implores parents to be vigilant.



Nettles believes the very small number of students causing disruptions from what they see on social media is not representative of the rest of the student body. He praises the quality students they have in their buildings. 

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