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'Steamed' City Councilman Airs Grievance Regarding Reaction to Fire Department Purchase

A self-described steamed Clinton City Councilman is not happy about the responses to a purchase made by the Clinton Fire Department and its means of being brought to the city.


Monday night at the Clinton City Council meeting, Commissioner John Wise was not happy about talk around the community in regards to a boat purchase by the Clinton Fire Department and the things Commissioner Dan Ballenger is being charged with. Wise asked Commissioner Ballenger to clear the air regarding the purchase of the boat.



Commissioner Wise is particularly tired of inaccurate information being strewn about. He came to the defense of Commissioner Ballenger and his usage of city gas to go get the boat from Benton and pointed out Ballenger could have charged the City a whole lot more for his gas mileage but spared them that expense.



The Commissioner was not particularly happy because he believes the City Council members sacrifice their time and personal property for the residents of the community. He's hoping those who have things to say will attend a City Council meeting and offer their criticisms and questions and do less complaining on social media and around the community.



Ballenger added that he used his own vehicle because the fire department has been running a lot of calls lately and did not want to take away a vehicle that might be needed if a call came in.


Also at the Clinton City Council meeting Monday night:


Commissioner Ken Buchanan reminded this will be the last month for brush pickup in the city and they are still waiting for more leaves to fall before they start to bring on their seasonal help for the leaf cleanup season.


Commissioner Tom Edmonds also noted the annual levy went on file. 

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