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Mt. Pulaski Schools Superintendent Touts Financial Benefits of Wind Farms; Excited For Latest Development

Another wind farm is coming to Logan County and it's the third development that will benefit Mt. Pulaski Schools.


Fred Lamkey is the Superintendent of the rural Logan County District and he indicates representatives from the renewable energy company Invenergy spoke to the Mt. Pulaski Board of Education at its October board meeting about its newest project.



Lamkey is very pleased with the financial benefits wind farms are providing to his district. He says they have nearly doubled the tax base and have completely changed the outlook for staff and programs in the district. 



DeWitt County is developing its first wind farm and much discussion has been around the economic impact of the development on the local economy. Lamkey says it is a process of value of those wind turbines showing up in the valuations of property for schools and then those dollars ending up in the hands of each entity.



The current wind farm in the Mt. Pulaski area was actually a two-phase project with the second phase just going online in early 2020. 

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