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Local Boy Scouts Get Lesson in Local Government Pursuing Merit Badges

A group of local boy scouts came out to the Monday night Clinton City Council meeting in pursuit of a merit badge.


Bob Kreitler and Xander Cicenes briefly addressed the council. Kreitler says since the Scouts meet on Mondays it made sense to attend a Monday night Clinton City Council meeting.



Curious about why certain Council members ran for the City Council, Mayor Roger Cyrulik says he got into politics for the same reasons young men do scouts - to serve the public.



Commissioner Dan Ballenger has served on several boards over the years. Before running for the Clinton City Council, he was on the DeWitt County Board and has been involved with the Clinton Fire Department for many years.



Also a scout as a kid and after working for the City for many years, Commissioner Ken Buchanan says he was asked about serving on the Clinton City Council and decided to run a few years ago.



Commissioner John Wise offered advice to the young scouts in attendance Monday. He encouraged them to get involved. He believes you don't have to be on the City Council or County Board or School board to make an impact but did encourage the youths to get involved.



Kreitler also recounted his days in the boy scouts and encounters he had with other Council members as a youngster. 

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