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The lack of communication from government officials regarding COVID is starting to frustrate local school leaders to the point they are exploring self-established metrics to unmask children and start to return to a completely normal school setting.


Administrators across the State have admitted the only thing different about this school year has been the masks and the fact there are still some distancing precautions but that is impacting group work - a critical piece to 21st-century learning. Dr. Lisa Taylor is the Superintendent of Heyworth Schools and says they are now exploring their own exit strategy.



According to Dr. Taylor, the goal would be to break down the exit strategy as close to building level and then grade levels after that. She indicates the goal would be to keep as many kids in school as possible.



Dr. Taylor calls it the professional responsibility to come up with a plan because anxiety is growing among the staff, kids, and community. She says if the experts were offering a plan of action, they would likely go along with that but as of now, there is none.

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