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DeWitt County's Administrator is very pleased with the budget for the upcoming fiscal year.


DeeDee Rentmeister told Regional Radio News they are lowering the overall County levy by two cents for this upcoming year. She is crediting elected officials and department heads for their diligent and conservative budgeting.



For DeWitt County, Rentmeister explains the County relies heavily on local tax dollars and other contracts like the hosting fee for the landfill.



The County operates on a $28-million budget. According to Rentmeister, there are several areas of the budget that do not rely on tax dollars and instead on fines and fees. She also points out by next year, the County will have received $3-million in COVID money from the government.



COVID funding is going to help the budget for the next few years. Rentmeister explains the CARES funding ended last year but the rescue plan funding does not have to be used until 2024.



Rentmeister again reiterated her appreciation to elected officials and department heads for being conservative in their budgeting. 

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