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Social Security Offers Programs for Disability Recipients to Return to Work

If you receive Social Security or SSI disability benefits and want to try to return to work, there are programs available that can help you do just that.


Jack Myers with Social Security says one program they offer is the ticket to work program that is a free and voluntary program that supports career development for SSI beneficiaries or SSI recipients that want to work and progress towards financial independence.



The second program is called PASS, or Plan for Achieving Self Support. According to Myers, this allows an individual to set aside resources and other income besides benefits for a specified period. The purpose is to pursue a work goal that will reduce your need for benefits.



If returning to work is a goal of yours, it is important to communicate that with Social Security. Myers indicates to let them know you are starting a new job and report your earnings. You can make the initial report by calling your local office and then you can arrange how to report your monthly income. Online through your mySocialSecurity account is an additional option. 


For additional information on how work returning to work will impact your disability benefits, you can review our publications like 'Working While Disabled, How We Can Help', or 'Red Book'. Both are available at www.ssa.gov/pubs.

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