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Social Security Discusses Decisions for Qualifying Disabilities

The law requires that Social Security periodically review the current medical condition of all people receiving disability benefits to determine if they continue to have a qualifying disability the agency recently discussed what goes into that review process.


Jack Myers with Social Security indicates the reviews help Social Security ensure that only eligible people receive disability benefits. They support the integrity of the system while delivering fair services to disabled workers and their dependents. The frequency of these reviews will vary depending on the likelihood of your condition improving.  



According to Myers, being selected for a review is not an indicator that you are likely to lose benefits. He says don’t panic, but do complete the forms and send them back to Social Security or call with questions. They contact your medical sources and seek updated records to see if your condition has improved. If it has not improved to the point that you can work again, your benefits will continue. 



If Social Security determines your condition has improved enough that you can work again, you will have the right to appeal the decision. To learn more about the review process, check out the publication, 'How We Decide if You Still Have A Qualifying Disability'.  

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