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Warner Hospital on 'High Alert'

Since Thanksgiving, COVID locally has escalated to the point Warner Hospital and Health Services are struggling to find COVID patients a place to go.


CEO Paul Skowron on the WHOW Morning Show Wednesday told Regional Radio they are struggling to find ICU bed availabilities in Illinois and just recently were forced to send a patient to Kentucky.



As we enter the winter season, Skowron says COVID is pushing the limits of the hospital and that is forcing them to be on high alert and at a high state of readiness.



According to Skowron, area hospitals are postponing elective surgeries. So far, Warner Hospital has not had to do that yet but did not rule out that could be an option for them if they see a sudden change in circumstances.



The good news is, if you are needing care for COVID, Skowron says they have a dedicated staff that is very willing to step up when needed and help each other out to serve the community.



While the DeWitt/Piatt Bi-County Health Department is unable to track the various strains of COVID, Skowron indicates they are finding most patients to have the Delta variant however, he points out it is moving very quickly through the population and is not causing as much death as earlier variants.

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