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Tri-Valley Schools Superintendent Dr. David Mouser late last year was named the new Superintendent of Bloomington School District 87 and his replacement at Tri-Valley has been named.


On the WHOW Morning Show Thursday, Dr. Mouser told Regional Radio pending School Board approval, High School Principal Ben Derges has been named the new Superintendent. Dr. Mouser says Mr. Derges was one of two very good internal candidates. 



According to Dr. Mouser, Derges brings a good work ethic that is relationship-driven and is very creative, and has a wealth of experience. He believes he'd be a great superintendent in any district and feels fortunate to have him step into the role at Tri-Valley. 



Dr. Mouser believes there's a benefit to hiring an internal candidate. He explains an internal hire provides continuity to the community and the district but they also understand the culture of the district.



Tri-Valley in the last 18 months has wrapped up a multi-million dollar facility renovation. Dr. Mouser says with that complete, the biggest things facing Derges will likely be continuing to bring kids back to where they should be after the learning loss through the pandemic. He also points to overcoming the shortage of teachers. 



Dr. Mouser says having Derges there in the same buildings during the transition is going to be very beneficial and he has a front-row seat to learn and watch Dr. Mouser in person oftentimes. 

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