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Last year, DeWitt County Museum Director Joey Long along with John Warner introduced to the public an aviation exhibit that is going to be coming to the Museum this year telling the stories of those involved in aviation in DeWitt County.


On the WHOW Morning Show Thursday, Long told Regional Radio they are receiving a tremendous response to its call for artifacts, stories, and pictures of those in DeWitt County that maybe flew in wars or were involved in other aspects of aviation.



Warner believes this is going to be a very popular exhibit for everyone, not just those in DeWitt County. He is very, very happy that people have embraced this idea.



Edith Brady-Lunny has been recruited in the effort to sit down with those that have a story to tell and record their testimonies and ask them questions about their stories. While they have a lot of material already, she is encouraging people to continue to submit their stories and artifacts. 



To get your object or story to the Museum, contact Long at the Museum by calling 217-935-6066 or by emailing chmoore.homestead@gmail.com. 

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