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Clinton Police Chief Highlights Police Week

It's National Police Week and local authorities are discussing what it means to be able to promote their agencies and officers.


Among those is Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers who says there have been four active police officers that have passed away so far this year but only one is a line of duty death.



Before COVID, law enforcement officials had an initiative titled 'Under 100'. The idea was to bring the number of police fatalities in the line of duty to under 100. That effort has stalled since the spring of 2020.



Additionally, inflation of the officers killed in the line of duty has been a general disregard for authorities. Chief Lowers believes there are a lot of factors that are playing into this new atmosphere of anti-police.



Chief Lowers points out since the rise of the anti-police and disregard for authority movements, the complaints about officers doing their jobs have increased exponentially. 



While the Chief has strong opinions on the environment for law enforcement, he is appreciative to live in a community that is a strong supporter of its law enforcement officers. 


We'll hear more from law enforcement officials throughout the week on Regional Radio regarding National Police Week. 

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