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Social Security Reminding Medicaid Members to Update Address With Illinois Healthcare and Family Services

Social Security is asking Medicaid Members to update their addresses for the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS).


During the Public Health Emergency (PHE) they have not been required to do verifications of eligibility factors for the Medicaid program. Jack Myers at Social Security explains once the emergency ends, they will have to resume these Medicaid verifications, and they will do so via mail.  



According to Myers, HFS does not know when that will be, but they are trying to let people know that it is very important to update their address with Illinois HFS. If they don’t have your correct address, you won’t get the verification forms they send out and you risk losing your Medicaid health insurance. If you are on Medicare, but the premiums are being paid by Medicaid, you risk losing that assistance as well. 



Again those phone numbers are 877-805-5312 or 877-204-1012 and you can call Monday through Friday between 7:45 AM-4:30 PM. You can also update online at www2.illinois.gov/hfs/address. 

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