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June is Dairy Month

An Illinois dairy advocacy group is celebrating in the month of June.


Not only is June Dairy Month but it is also the 90th year of the St. Louis District Dairy Council. Monica Nyman indicates the theme is how dairy has moved forward in its nine decades and gives recognition to dairy farmers.



According to Nyman, nearly 100 years ago, the promotion of dairy consisted of posters for marketing and demonstrations with a milk cow. With the advancements in technology, that promotion has been made easier.



The evolution of dairy has included the introduction of new products to the dairy case over the years. Nyman says this largely is driven by consumer demand but there is also a component of dairy products that provide an abundance of nutrients.



According to Nyman, ultra-filtered milk is becoming very popular that offers a significant amount of protein. She points out dairy offers healthy bacteria which is good for gut health.



Nyman predicts the evolutions in the dairy case will continue to expand as people's dietary needs and health goals change.

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