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Finally Weekend For Prairie Flyers Exhibit at DeWitt County Museum

This is the final weekend for the exhibit 'Prairie Flyers: A Century of Aviation in DeWitt County' at the DeWitt County Museum.


Director of the Museum Joey Long indicates they have seen a great turnout for this exhibit so far this year. She says people are coming from all over the state and midwest to check it out.



According to Woolridge, they are finding people are learning about the exhibit in all sorts of ways. From the promotion through its radio spots on Regional Radio to learning about the exhibit through printed materials, people are even just simply seeing the signs off the highway and are stopping in.



Woolridge points out, this time of the year they are not encountering as many group tours but she anticipates that to change when they open the quilt show later this month. 


You can learn more about the Prairie Flyers: A Century of Aviation in DeWitt County by finding its Facebook page. The exhibit's final day is Sunday. 

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