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DeWitt County Board Gets Update on Wind Farm

Last Thursday night, the DeWitt County Board received an update on the wind farm project which is beginning to wrap up before going live this fall.


Terry Fountain with Cummins Engineering, the firm selected by the County oversees the project, provided the Board with an update on how things are going. Restoration of the roads is underway.



As the project wraps up, Enel will begin the restoration process of drainage ditches impacted by its work as well as restoring culverts. Fountain points out there is a lot of coordination between Cummins, Enel, and the County Engineer.



There is still work to be done as it relates to drainage districts. Fountain explains there could be tiles that need to be replaced.



Fountain indicates there are issues currently for Enel with the sub-station and connecting to the grid. He indicates that the Cummins Engineer purview but Enel is working with the electric company to correct that. 


He anticipates the farm going live in the fall. 

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