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DNR Encouraging Safe Kayaking

A fun day on a local creek with your kayak can quickly turn dangerous.


That's why Department of Natural Resources Captain John Williamson is sending out some safety tips for a recreation activity that is exploding in popularity. He indicates where you start on a creek may seem peaceful but if you don't know what's ahead, that's where you can run into trouble.



Capt. Williamson says like hunters, kayakers need to be aware of private lands they may be wading through. He says the biggest growth of boating has been kayaking.



Like most recommendations for boating, Capt. Williamson implores kayakers to use a life jacket. He says a day on the water can quickly turn dangerous and a life jacket can be the difference between life and death.



In the last couple of years, DeWitt County has seen its share of kayak rescues because boaters ended up in waters they couldn't handle and weren't wearing life jackets. He says if you're not familiar with the water or it is moving quickly, do not go. 

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