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Exercising and Aging

Perhaps you've found as you're getting older you cannot exercise at the level you once could but want to still be active.


A clinical pharmacist and Director of the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Performance Health Program has some ideas for you. Dr. Jim LaValle also authors the book, 'Cracking the Metabolic Code' and says as you get older you need to take in more protein.



Dr. LaValle gives props to the DeWitt County Friendship Center for its senior yoga classes because that is an essential part of maintaining balance as we get older.



Eating well is the way to preserve bones as we age. Dr. LaValle says getting plenty of vegetables. He says metabolic inflation is caused by poor eating habits and triggers a lot of damage to our bodies.



Dr. LaValle says not only does maintaining a good diet help with your physical health but if you get plenty of sleep, keep your blood sugar down and manage stress - it will also help maintain your memory. 

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