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New Streamlined Process for Getting New Social Security Card

Social Security has introduced a streamlined process for getting a new Social Security card.


On the WHOW Morning Show Thursday, Jack Myers told Regional Radio those wanting or needing a new card can visit the Social Security Number and Card page at www.ssa.gov/ssnumber/ or you can just look for “Social Security Number” on our homepage www.ssa.gov. Social Security now asks you a series of questions to determine whether you can complete the application process online or start the application process online, then bring any required documents to your local office to complete the application.



If you can complete the application online - typically at age 18 - you will be directed to do so without needing to visit an office. If you can’t complete the application process online like in the case of a minor child, original SSN, name change, or other reasons, you can now learn what types of documents you need to bring to your local SSA office, start the application online and get an online control number, then ring the online control number to your office within 45 days.



Myers stresses you don't have to start the application process online, but it will save you time in your office if you choose to do so. He also points out, no matter how you complete the application, the new Social Security card will have to be mailed to you as Social Security does not print cards in the local offices.   

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