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Social Security: Scammers Returning to Old Tactics

Scammers are reviving old tactics to gain the public's trust in their nefarious efforts. 


That's according to a new report Social Security is highlighting. Jack Myers at Social Security indicates scammers are emailing and texting pictures of doctored credentials to prove their legitimacy.



These scammers pretend to be from a government agency and say there is a problem you need to take care of or a prize you can win. They pressure you to act immediately and tell you to pay in a specific way. Myers offers a few reminders on how to protect yourself.



Do not transfer money and do not buy that gift card. Scammers typically request forms of payment that are hard to trace such as gift cards, prepaid debit cards, internet currency, mailing cash, money transfer, or anything else. Myers says it's best to be skeptical. Don’t believe scammers who say they are “transferring” you to law enforcement.



If you are a victim of a scam you can contact local law enforcement or check out the Federal Trade Commission website at www.FTC.gov. Myers also directs victims to file a complaint with the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center www.ic3.gov.

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