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Clinton Police Chief Reminds of Vacation Watch Program

Local crime has been on the rise this summer and Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers is hoping if you're headed on vacation, you'll consider taking advantage of the department's vacation watch program.


On the WHOW Morning Show Wednesday, Chief Lowers told Regional Radio this is a program the department offers that gives a check over your home while you're away.



According to Chief Lowers, an officer in the Clinton Police Department will drive by your home at least once on their shift. They'll be looking for vehicles that shouldn't be there and or individuals at the residence that are out of place.



The Chief is sending along his reminders of leaving your home vacant if you're not going to send along your information to authorities. He encourages having your mail and newspaper service stopped if no one is going to be by to pick it up. 



Chief Lowers emphasizes when a home is burglarized, it is often someone known to the victim. He points out very rarely is a criminal going to enter a home not knowing what kind of security measures are in place.


Additionally, the Chief encourages if you're leaving your home unattended, do your best to limit the exposure you give your travels on social media and online so as to not tip off potential criminals. 

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