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Farmer City Beginning Strategic Planning

A DeWitt County community is updating its strategic plan that was put in place about four years ago.


On the WHOW Morning Show Thursday, Farmer City Manager Sue McLaughlin told Regional Radio they met recently at the high school library to prioritize its goals. The city is working with the Northern Illinois University Department of Governmental studies.



2018 was the first time Farmer City has done any sort of strategic planning. McLaughlin indicates in the last four years, they've been able to accomplish several things they set out in that plan.



McLaughlin was surprised to learn the amount of money they had invested in infrastructure improvements and was also impressed with the number of projects they were able to accomplish in that time.



Farmer City was able to also afford a major renovation of its community pool unfortunately as reported on Regional Radio recently, they have not been able to keep open as much as they had planned this summer because of the lifeguard shortage. 


McLaughlin also points out they are adding a new community park this summer. 

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