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Clinton Police Chief Discusses Increase in Crime This Summer

Crime is increasing in Clinton and Police Chief Ben Lowers says there is a couple of reasons why.


He doesn't have specific data but the reports that hit his desk are more frequent and similar crimes. He says it is a general increase in common crimes they see. 



Part of the reason for the increase in crime is the 2020 bail reform legislation out of Springfield. The Chief explains crimes that would once keep a criminal in jail for a significant amount of time are now letting those same individuals out much quicker.



Chief Lowers explains with bail reform when those individuals are not being held in jail, they are back out in the community and continue to commit the crimes they were before.



Chief Lowers says the coming elimination of cash bail that goes into effect Jan. 1 is going to significantly make things more difficult for authorities and in some cases victims. 


We'll have more on that soon on Regional Radio. 

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