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DeWitt County Marina Operator in Violation of Lease

Thursday night at the DeWitt County Board meeting it was brought to the attention of the full board that Marina operator Joe Caldwell violates the lease agreement over insurance coverage. 


Jay Wickenhauser pointed out the issue is the workers' compensation component of his insurance coverage has not been received by the County. Board Chair Terry Ferguson informed the Board Caldwell is aware of the issue. 



State's Attorney Dan Markwell says this is a huge liability for DeWitt County. Dan Matthews was not at the County Board meeting Thursday so many of the questions went to vice-chair Travis Houser who admits he was not aware of the issue.



Buck Carter inquired about taking action based on the fact the County is liable. Ferguson offered an email sent by the insurance agent of Caldwell but the Board still pressed about taking legal action.



Markwell explained if the Board wanted to direct him to take legal action against Caldwell they would need a special meeting to do so because it was not on the agenda Thursday.



The Board will meet next Tuesday at 5 pm to take up the issue of Caldwell's insurance.


The Board had only eight of its 12 members at the Thursday meeting. 

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