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Nutritionist Weighs In On Skittles Lawsuit

Earlier this month a lawsuit was filed stating the candy Skittles are unfit for human consumption and a nationally renowned nutrition expert says it's great there's finally light being shed on the irresponsible ingredients in candy.


Dr. Jim LaValle the author of 'Cracking the Metabolic Code' and the Clinical Director for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Performance Health Program says in moderation, Skittles are not a bad treat but the ingredients in Skittles are not very good in high doses.



There are a couple of physiological responses to be aware of when you consume a lot of sugar. Dr. LaValle indicates when you consume a lot of sugar, your body needs to flush it out of your system and that creates insulin. Then it creates adrenaline and makes your blood vessels tight.



Besides the sugar, the other active ingredients are excitotoxins. Dr. LaValle says this is why we get 'wound up' when we eat candy.



Dr. LaValle indicates there is a particular risk of getting too much sugar in areas where there are food deserts. He indicates this means residents in particular areas do not have access to places that offer nutritious food. 



You might be interested in scaling back on the sugar. Dr. LaValle recommends starting by cutting the sugars in half and counting carbs and calories. If you do cut the sugars by half, you might find yourself lightheaded. He recommends getting some protein to fight that feeling. 

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