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DeWitt County Board Sorts Through Confusion on Marina Work

As breakwater work at the one end of the Clinton Lake Marina gets going this week, last week at the DeWitt County Board meeting, the Board had to sort through some confusion regarding another area in need of attention.


Following the Board meeting last Friday on the WHOW Morning Show, Board Chair Terry Ferguson told Regional Radio the Board approved the Marina as an emergency to expedite addressing the issues and explains what the Board was debating. 



Travis Houser is the Vice Chair of the Marina Committee and explained to the County Board last Thursday the situation at the Marina has gotten much worse and the goal was to use equipment coming this week to help mitigate some of the existing issues.



According to Houser, the section of Marina not getting worked on this week needs to be protected and feels if they were to split the new breakwater being installed this week, it would be a way to do that.



The Board rejected the bid they received in favor of breaking up the 300-foot breakwater they are getting this week to have one section of 200 feet and another section of 100 feet. 


Ferguson says he is confident the solution they have come up with could keep the County from having to make further investments in breakwaters at the Marina. 

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