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Springfield Fire Fighter Bringing Electronic Surfing to Clinton Lake

Surf boarding on Clinton Lake?


Springfield firefighter Matt Scherer hopes to see it take off on Clinton Lake. He told Regional Radio News on the WHOW Morning Show Thursday electric surfing is an opportunity to learn the art of surfing without the ocean waves.



Scherer has just two boards for the time being and explains he can train up to a group of four to give all parties a chance to have fun on the back end of the two-hour session. He explains they start very basic and ramp things up as individuals get the hang of the activity.



As you get on your feet and get your balance, Scherer says the board will actually lift off the water. He says you don't have to be a tremendous athlete to successfully ride a board.



For anyone that wants to try out electric surfing, Scherer assures they are all about safety first. As a firefighter, he is a licensed EMT and is Red Cros CPR certified. The vessels themselves are DNR certified and are insured.



surf-springfield.com is the best place to go to find out when Scherer will be in Clinton and offers training or opportunities to use the electronic surfboards. He says if you have gone through the training once, you can sign up for general use in groups of two without having to train with him again. 


He hopes to see the operation grow and expand in other parts of central Illinois. 

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