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DeWitt County Highway Department in Midst of Busy Summer Maintenance Season

Rural county roads are in the midst of the annual summer maintenance season.


County Highway Engineer Mark Mathon indicates they take care of some mowing around this point of the summer and are preparing a host of roads for annual oil and chipping.



It was 2019 when the Illinois legislature increased the gas tax in Illinois. While unpopular, Mathon indicates it has allowed them to take on more summer work.



The Revere Road upgrade has been talked about for a few years now and Mathon says that project is inching forward and hopes to start seeing movement in early 2023.



According to Mathon, overlay work on County Highway 17 is going to get going soon. A portion of that road was done as part of the agreement with the wind farm and the County is going to finish the rest of the road to make it continuous. 

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