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DeWitt County Board Sticking With Marina Operator After Insurance Paperwork Issues

The DeWitt County Board last week decided it would stay with its Marina operator after it was brought to light at the regular County Board meeting in July Joe Caldwell and his organization was out of compliance on insurance coverage.


In July when the findings came to light, board members pressed to have a special board meeting to direct State's Attorney Dan Markwell to take corrective action but Caldwell ultimately filed the paperwork ahead of the Board's special meeting last Tuesday. Board Chair Terry Ferguson indicated during the meeting it was proposed to terminate Caldwell's contract, which was voted down.



The question the County Board has largely been unable to answer is just how long has the operator been without insurance? Some speculation is it was the entirety of his first year as operator plus the first half of this year. Ferguson believes it is an easy oversight to make.



According to Ferguson, the County Board heard from a couple of marina users that spoke in favor of Caldwell and his organization praising the job he's done at the marina. Ferguson felt those comments went a long way for the Board.



Ferguson reminds the Board extended Caldwell's contract through 2023 to allow him time to work through all the COVID challenges and make the appropriate changes at the Marina.



Ferguson indicates breakwater installation at the Marina continues this week. Rain mid-week last week held things up a little bit and so that project continues. 


Also at the special meeting last week, the Board approved a $67,500 mowing tractor from Central Illinois Ag for the highway department. 

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