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Clinton Sports Teams Again Participating in Apple n' Pork Festival

The Apple n' Pork Festival is a community affair to the point the high school and its student-athletes get in on the action.


Athletic Director Matt Koepel indicates once again, the 10 programs will help park cars at the high school this weekend with the money going into those ten programs plus the athletic boosters.



According to Koepel, whatever is made gets divided 11 ways and then goes into accounts for the students for things like meals after games on long road trips or awards at the end of the season. He says it is for the things that make the activities fun.



Last year was a banner year for parking vehicles. Koepel asks those parking at the high school to be patient with the kids. He feels they are working hard and with thousands of people going to that part of the community, there are a lot of people to get in and out of that lot.

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