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History of the Apple n' Pork Festival

The annual Apple n' Pork Festival as we know it today have very humble beginnings when it started 54 years ago.


Joey Long, Director of DeWitt County Museum, details the need for the festival began with the DeWitt County Museum taking over the CH Moore Homestead and needing a fundraiser to complete the restoration.



Long says she remembers as a child there being a small flea market and it growing fairly quickly. She notes at the time the festival was started, there were grassroots efforts across the country to start festivals to restore historic landmarks. Unfortunately, not all of these festivals have had the same longevity.



The longevity of Apple n' Pork Long believes is the appreciation of the festival sticking to traditions. She adds while the festival has grown it also has stayed the same.



We'll hear more from Joey Long during WHOW's live coverage of the 54th annual Apple n' Pork Festival this weekend.

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