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Dealing With Winter Doldrums

The days are shorter which means seasonal affective disorder will start to impact a lot of people's day-to-day lives.


Tony Kirkman is the Executive Director of the Piatt County Mental Center and indicates while seasonal affective disorder is not a DSM-5 recognized condition there is a lack of Vitamin D consumption this time of the year on top of things like the stress of the holidays.



According to Kirkman, there are ways to help get through this time of the year. There are lightbulbs that will emulate the light of the sun which can be effective. Additionally, if possible, he recommends getting out for a brisk walk when the weather allows.



Much like his recommendation for dealing with anxiety or depression around the holiday season, Kirkman recommends giving back. He says volunteering or being charitable is a great way to combat seasonal affective disorder.



Kirkman points out that exercise as simple as a walk around the block or the neighborhood is a great way to get out, clear your mind, and improve your mental health. 

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