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Community Action Recaps 2022

As we put a bow on the calendar year 2022 this coming weekend, a central Illinois non-profit is looking back.


Breann Titus is the Executive Director of Community Action and says there were crisis moments they had to navigate especially as the remnants of COVID lingered. She felt they did a good job and started to return to its mission of hand-up help.



Community Action also dealt with a leadership change. Titus explains they welcomed Jennifer Deweese to the role of Executive Director after many years in the Head Start program. 



Looking ahead to 2023, Titus believes it will be an interesting year as Deweese has a good hold on her role now and can start to take the agency in the direction she wants.



One of the most exciting aspects of 2022 was the fact the annualy 'Cheeseburger in Paradise' fundraiser for Community Action was a record-setter. Titus attributes that to the fact it was not held in 2020 and was scaled down in 2021.



As one of the Directors within Community Action, Titus was glad to see an internal hire of the Executive Director position because there was a level of familiarity. She felt her fellow directors within the agency handled the transition well and is looking forward to 2023. 

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