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Clinton Board of Education Truth in Taxation Hearing

Clinton Schools Board of Education held a Truth in Taxation Hearing at last week's meeting.


Clinton Superintendent Curt Nettles indicates the school district tax rate will not increase in 2023. Property values increased which will cause some to pay higher property taxes next year.



The Truth in Taxation Hearing was held because the school district's tax levy is increasing by more than five percent. Mr. Nettles says this was due to the increase in the wealth of property within the school district.



Some taxpayers may think that the school district should lower the levy to accommodate for the increase in property values. Nettles notes this is not possible due to regular expenses and costs associated with inflation.



Nettles is not anticipating a large excess of tax money coming into the school district with the property value increases. He says any money the board does find in excess will be earmarked for their facilities plan.



Nettles reminds the Clinton school district has a lower tax rate than many of the surrounding area school districts.

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