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Chestnut Health Systems Community Health Director Outlines Healthy Goal Setting

Whether you are a goal-setter or making a list for the first time but haven't started on your 2023 resolutions, a mental health professional has some tips so you don't get discouraged. 


Nadia Klekamp is Associate Director of Community Health at Chestnut Health Systems and explains you want to set goals that are realistic but also measurable.



When setting a goal that would be considered mental or emotionally health-centered, Klekamp recommends being intentional about your time and making sure you set aside time for yourself.



Some of the goals we set, we may not master right away, especially if it involved developing a habit. Klekamp says there may be a lot of trial and error, and that is ok.



Klekamp stresses those incremental goals on the way to a bigger goal but if you should stumble on that journey, give yourself some grace and continue on. 

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