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DeWitt County Board Chair Weighs In On Wind, Solar Legislation From State of Illinois

During the lame-duck session earlier this month, Illinois lawmakers interjected themselves into local debates happening all over the state regarding wind and solar energy development.


DeWitt County Board Chair Dan Matthews less than a month ago told Regional Radio one of his goals as the County Board Chair was to clean up language in the ordinances for wind and solar but now the State of Illinois has stepped in and done it for them. Matthews is not thrilled about that.



Making the issue further condeluted is the fact the State of Illinois has told local governments they have a final say in the potential development of a project. Matthews says what the state may deem adequate for the County may not be adequate for local leadership.



Local leaders wonder if the legislation will potentially open them up to litigation if they tell these wind companies no even though they have met all the criteria the State has set. 

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