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Neighborhood Care Center Executive Director Welcomes Intern

Kelly Rempe has been working with the Neighborhood Care Center for a few years now and earlier this month stepped in as an intern at the DeWitt County non-profit.


Cody Monkman is the Neighborhood Care Center Executive Director and told Regional Radio Tuesday on the WHOW Morning Show Rempe will be working with him to work closely with what the organization calls 'mission partners'. 



According to  Monkman, Rempe was able to use her role at the Neighborhood Care Center to connect with seniors, connections she says have blossomed into friendships with a few individuals.



Rempe hopes to find some direction in this role and Monmkan believes that is the perfect reason for her to be an intern in the organization because it embodies what the Neighborhood Care Center is all about.



Rempe indicates her interactions so far with the mission partners in the Neighborhood Care Center have been limited to the feed program, so she hopes to get to know more of those individuals in other missions.

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