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Willow Tree Missions Seeing Increase in Domestic Abuse

A Piatt County non-profit reports it is seeing an increase in domestic abuse locally.


Willow Tree Missions in Piatt County says the increase is noticeable in the first quarter of 2023. Executive Director Jill Maxey notes the silver lining is victims are at least coming forward.



Susan Houston indicates they are seeing very complex situations and each one has its own circumstance that makes it unique.



According to Houston, there could be a variety of factors contributing to this upward trend. She feels the economic situation for a lot of people. Maxey does note, that doesn't mean domestic abuse is an issue exclusive to lower-income households.



Houston also suspects we're starting to see some of the impacts of the COVID lockdowns trickle down for those individuals stuck in a cycle of abuse that had no outlets the last few years.



Maxey points out they are concerned about some resources that were available during COVID going away as dollars dry up. She explains Piatt County agencies are hoping to work together to make sure they continue to offer services and support to its communities. 


To learn more about Willow Tree Mission, visit willowtreemission.org or find them on Facebook. For domestic violence or crisis services, call 217-631-1018. 

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