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Importance of Sunlight on Health

Spending time in the sun can be so helpful to a healthy body.


Dr. Jim LaValle is the author of 'Cracking the Metabolic Code' and is the Clinical Director for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Performance Health Program. He tells us sunlight is so important in regulating our body's functions.



Just 20 minutes in the sunlight is recommended per day and Dr. LaValle points out it also helps our bodies shut down in the dark at night.



If possible, getting a little bit of sunlight when the sun first comes up during the day can be even more effective for the body. Dr. LaValle explains it in a way, that energizes our bodies.



The most common benefit of sunlight is the Vitamin D it provides your body but Dr. LaValle says that shouldn't be the only source of Vitamin D we rely on, especially in the summertime when we're outside more and there's more sunlight available.



In addition to some Vitamin D supplements, you might consider some Vitamin A to help absorb that Vitamin D. Dr. LaValle also recommends adding magnesium to your daily supplements.


If you are finding yourself tired, Dr. LaValle recommends some adaptogens to go with your daily vitamins. 

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