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Central Illinois Republican Lawmaker Critical of Democrats 'Gimmick' Budget

A central Illinois lawmaker is criticizing the budget passed by Illinois Democrats late last week that he says is filled with gimmicks.


Sen. Chapin Rose says the Governor has a lot of nerve to get in front of Illinoisans and call the budget balanced. He says the gimmicks start with the rate increases that begin on Jan. 1 instead of July 1. 



The Mahomet Republican, who now represents the eastern and southeastern part of Illinois, explains Illinois hospitals came to Springfield needing more money in state support after nearly three decades of no increase. 



The reason Illinois hospitals won't see that increase until Jan. 1 is that the State of Illinois has committed itself to being a sanctuary state for undocumented immigrants and Sen. Rose says because of that, money has to go to the programs for those people.



Sen. Rose points out that Illinois is 51st in the country in the funding for the developmentally disabled and Illinois is prioritizing the healthcare for undocumented immigrants over the developmentally disabled.



Sen. Rose says for those that are critical of Illinois Republicans for not having a plan, he notes Republicans offered a proposal to Democrats but none of the Republicans' priorities were put in the budget.

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