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Clinton Elementary School Administrators Reflect on Time in Clinton

Clinton Elementary School will be in a time of significant transition this summer as both Principal Sasha Young and Assistant Principal Ben Mooney will be moving on to new school districts.

Mr. Mooney (left) will be taking an assistant principal job in the Midwest Central school district and says he has greatly enjoyed his time in Clinton, however, this move gets him closer to his family.



Mrs. Young will be the superintendent of the Central A&M school district. She indicates the last few months have been quite the whirlwind as she found herself interviewing for that job and now transitioning to that new role while she wraps up the current school year in Clinton.



Becoming the Superintendent of a school district was never on the radar for Mrs. Young, however, the impact of successful and strong women in education leadership had her inspired that she could be in a role of leadership greater than a principal position.



Mr. Mooney, before he entered the world of education leadership, had several stints as a basketball coach in the Peoria area of central Illinois. He says he was drawn to elementary education because of the kids in that age range.



Clinton Schools Superintendent Curt Nettles has said the district will quote - "do some head hunting" in its pursuit of an elementary principal while the search for an assistant principal will be put on hold until a principal is found. 

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