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Clinton City Council Says No to Non-Union Pay Raises After Union Employees Social Media Stir

Social media was abuzz over the weekend over an agenda item that was taken up Tuesday by the Clinton City Council.


The item on the agenda was in regards to proposed pay increases for various City employees ranging from the Treasurer to the vacant City Administrator's position - stemming from the City's struggle to fill the vacancy in the Administrator's office.


The raises set to be administered at various levels were ultimately shot down Tuesday night but city worker Kyle Morris, whose Facebook post received a lot of attention over the last week, told the Council Tuesday they wanted their fair share and what they deserved in light of the raises set for non-union officials.



The City surveyed other communities regarding salaries for positions like the City Administrator due to its mentioned struggle to replace Tim Followell right after the start of 2022. The survey concluded the City needed to increase its salaries for several non-union roles at City Hall. 


The City has had two administrators in that time that lasted only a short time in the role. 


The Council went to closed session prior to Tuesday's meeting for roughly 30 minutes. The Council unanimously shot down the pay increases. 

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