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Clinton Police Chief Promoting Heat Safety

We're coming up on one of the warmer stretches we've had so far this year and local authorities are promoting heat safety.


Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers says with this heat we need to be mindful of not only our own health but those around us. He says for those that are fortunate to be in good health, be mindful of any compromised neighbors like the elderly.



Of course with this heat, pet owners need to be mindful of the condition and environment we're keeping our pets in. Chief Lowers hopes pet owners will consider giving outside animals a place inside, even if it is in the garage or a transitional space.



Other tips from Chief Lowers - plan your outdoor activities around the weather. Try to get things done when the mornings are still cooler or the evenings are cooling down. 


Additionally, he says to get plenty of water and if you need a cool place to go, the public library is a quiet place to go as well as the DeWitt County Friendship Center. 

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