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Piatt County Sheriff Highlights Week in Washington, DC For Training With FBI

A central Illinois law enforcement administrator was recently able to spend a week in the nation's capital for a special training through the FBI.


Piatt County Sheriff Mark Vogelzang on the WHOW Morning Show Monday told Regional Radio the training was full of great information on the importance of sleep, prioritizing mental wellness, and information about leadership. 



The sleep portion of the conference stood out the most to Sheriff Vogelzang because oftentimes deputies may struggle to sleep well because of things like stress or the odd hours of work.



Because of the nature of the job, countless officers and deputies across the country see some of the worst scenes in our community and Sheriff Vogelzang indicates this conference helped reinforce what a great resource Piatt County has in the Piatt County Mental Health Center.



Sheriff Vogelzang says a friend within the FBI was able to get him into this opportunity in Washington, DC, and reminds the FBI paid for everything and no expense came from local taxpayers. 

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