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Clinton High School Without Spanish Teacher for This Year

Clinton High School is operating without a Spanish teacher this year and it is creating a uniquely complex situation.


High School Principal Jerry Wayne indicates without a Spanish teacher, all students are turning to German teacher Joe Scanavino for their foreign language class.



According to Wayne, they could easily just hire someone to have a teacher but he doesn't believe that is how you create a good learning environment and so they dial in on candidates that would fit the culture of the high school.



The high school is currently dealing with a bottleneck as students seek to take a foreign language in the only class offered. Wayne points out, that this problem could worsen in the next few years with high school students required to take two years of a foreign language to graduate.



For Wayne, he believes the two-year foreign langauge requirement and the ongoing teacher shortage will make things challenging for school leaders and even students in the years ahead. 

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